Diamond Rings Are A Girl’s Best Friend

diamond rings girls best friendMany brides prefer to get a diamond engagement ring. Diamond symbolizes soleness and eternal love between a man and a woman. As Marilyn Monroe used to say: “They are the best friends of any girl”. If the groom and the bride chose a diamond ring, they should take into account the five characteristics of the quality of the ring before buying it.

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The History Of The Wedding Ring

engagement diamond ring history of wedding ringsDuring the earliest times people didn’t know how to make clothes for themselves, but they were absolutely sure that they needed decorations. The first person on the earth felt that a decoration would make him a difference between the others – it worked like a merit badge. In African tribes, which still keep the system of primitive society, decorations made of bones, metal, stones, just like the stars on shoulder-straps, can tell about the community of a tribe, the hierarchy position in this tribe, merits and deserts. A girl who wore earrings, bracelets and beads showed if she was ready to make a family.

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Practical Gifts Aren’t Always The Best

Girl Giving Valentine GiftJewelry is a very popular gift for one partner to present to another. Jewelry is regularly swopped on holidays like Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, Christmas and other special occasions. Typically, a man might buy her partner something practical like a piece of exercise equipment such as a top of the range rowing machine. Similarly a woman might buy her partner something just  as unromantic such as a nice new lawnmower!

But do you realize that when it comes to  jewelry, for both men and women, it is most valued when it’s given without any special condition like a holiday or special occasion? You should think about presenting your partner with jewelry for no specific reason at all, if you’re contemplating a romantic gesture.

If you are really looking to blow him or her away, you can pick a specific gemstone because of it is the significance with a specific month or because of its own unique meaning.

January’s gemstone is a garnet and it signifies firmness and beliefs. Amethyst is February’s gemstone and symbolizes happiness and truthfulness. March’s gemstone symbolizes bravery and hope and is aquamarine. April’s gemstone is a diamond, which symbolizes innocence and enjoyment.

May’s gemstone symbolizes tranquility and calmness and is an emerald. Pearl is June’s gemstone, which signifies wisdom and pureness. Ruby is July’s gemstone and symbolizes nobility and fire. September’s gemstone is a sapphire, which symbolizes hope and truthfulness. October’s gemstone stands for pleasant love and trust and is an opal. December’s gemstone is turquoise, which stands for success and comprehension.

Occasionally the delivery of the jewelry is virtually as significant as the thought that goes into picking the right piece. There are personal accounts and films of how people have delivered a particular trinket to their loved ones. One of the most popular delivery processes appears to be through food! What you do not hear around in these narratives is that you really need to be aware of such a possibility lest you choke on your loved ones present. Second, check with your jeweler before setting any kind of jewelry in food. For example were you aware that champagne will dissolve pearls and rubies will split when they’re warmed?

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Design Your Own Wedding Ring

sapphire emerald engagement ringsIt looks like choosing the right wedding ring is a priceless decision that can last a lifetime and for all to see. It looks so different from a regular wedding band, when you take the time to design your own. The size and shape of the center gemstone is key to the price in selecting a proper ring. You can select a pre-designed band or have a jeweler/company design one to your liking. You have to be very certain about what you want while shopping for a wedding band. Most men pretty much like to sit back and just kind of wait to see what the spouse wants. You need to check for several different price quotes when looking for a wedding ring.

Where do we begin’ a wedding band is one of the most important pieces of jewelry you’ll ever keep. Silver is not really a color at all – it is distinguished from light grey only by its shiny surface. Where will you wear your wedding band’ it goes right beside your engagement ring. Nearly all men shop for one to three months before buying a band for their significant other. Most men go with a simple gold or platinum band running $250 to $300 in most stores. You have questions about wedding bands, and they should be answered.

You might plan to renew your vows and exchange new wedding bands at the same time. When you are ready to purchase the engagement ring, establish your budget before you enter the store. While it is being shipped, you can take your mind off of it and plan other parts of your wedding. You do not create an inferior and less valuable piece, when you have a professional help you with your selection. The size and cut of your stone can make your ring a personal expression of your own love. You could possibly get a friend or family member to ask about the band selection.

While it is appropriate to spend ample time looking for the right ring, get help if you haven’t found one in two months. Nuptials bands can contain birth stones of the bride and bridegroom if that is an interest of the pair. Whilst women are considered the most apt in refinement and taste, men are capable of picking out a very nice wedding band. You could find pictures online for rings that are no longer in stock at some websites while when searching for rings. You may return the band and select a more appropriate one together with your future spouse. Twin wedding bands are also available to complete your brilliant diamond wedding set.


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Wedding Bands Have Been Around For Ages

Wedding RingsIf you subscribe to an online newsletter for help, you can receive tips on choosing the perfect wedding band. While it is not your typical wedding band, it’s tough to find people who don’t like it. Titanium is a natural element that does not tarnish — in fact, it is starting to be used more and more in nuptials bands. When you are at the church getting married, it is okay to where the engagement ring. Wedding bands are one of the most popular searches on the web all year long. Wedding bands coupled with a beautiful engagement ring can can make for an absolutely stunning combination. You want wedding band diamonds to appear white, but all of them include trace amounts of yellow.

When you go into the stores you need to have an idea of what you want and don’t buy on impulse. You do not develop an inferior and less valuable piece, when you have professional help you with your selection. Titanium is the latest trend in wedding band designs for several reasons like strength and resilience. Twin wedding bands typically are elegantly crafted for quality and value while maintaining a perception of togetherness. Wedding bands can be found in 14k gold and with or without diamonds depending on your choice.

You have to really get the sizing right when you have big hands and are looking for the band that fits your finger correctly. If you put on weight you may need to exercise or get a wider ring! Silver is not rare, so be sure that it is what you want when choosing your wedding band. You can rest easy knowing that you have a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee with your purchase. It looks a lot bigger and has a very similar shiny finish when you take the trouble to polish it properly. You do not want to buy a wedding ring without having a reliable appraisal.

You have may have a particular request on how to make your wedding ring personal to you. It looks like the other white metals: platinum and white gold, but has the strength of steel. Where do you find the perfect wedding bands’ start your searching on the internet for deals in your area. The sizing and complexity of arrangements as well as the reputation of jeweler gives it higher economic value. You could therefore get a white gold and ruby wedding band with diamonds for a great price. While it seems like the right process to do, you shouldn’t assume your bride to be wants the family heirloom as her wedding ring. You have never seen anything so touching as the perfect wedding band sized just for you.

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How To Choose Wedding Rings?

choosing wedding ringsAs the history goes, the tradition to exchange the wedding rings comes from the ancient Greek culture. The ring as the symbol of the unity of soles and mutual love is put on a wedding finger because the artery in it goes straight to the heart, and the ancient Greeks used to call it “the life line”. Since then life changed a lot, but wedding rings as the fundamental attribute of a wedding exist from pre-Christian age till now. When other peoples could afford themselves to tie a flower on the wedding finger as the symbol of love and faith, the modern grooms and brides as a rule put on gold rings, though today it is not a postulate. Wedding rings can be made of different material – the main thing is the mutual feeling it symbolizes, and both the two people must like its design.

According to the tradition, the groom buys the wedding rings. But it makes great importance for the bride, too. A wedding ring is not just jewelry, but it also becomes the incarnation of any young girl’s dream – the happy marriage.

There is only one simple question left: how much one must spend for the wedding rings.

It will be just to the point to discuss the price of the future wedding rings before buying them. Your love is enormous, but unfortunately the budget is usually not of the same size. Tell your fiancée ahead how much you are going to spend for the wedding rings. If you cannot afford the most expensive ring for your bride, don’t be disappointed. Even if the ring is the symbol of your love to the bride, this feeling cannot be measured with any money. But what should you buy finally? Gold? Platinum? Moissanite? A ring of a traditionally classic shape or a ring of a unique style? The young people can find the correct answer only trusting their own taste. But they have to remember that they choose the wedding rings for life! Choosing and buying wedding rings, the groom and the bride should keep in mind that usually jewelry is not made of pure material. Most of the time it is a mix of different kinds of base metal for an alloy of, for example, gold and silver with cooper, sometimes with palladium, cadmium, nickel and zinc, or it can be an alloy of silver and platinum with copper to give the jewelry special mechanic characteristics and the right color. The amount of precious metals in the jewelry determines its purity. Most countries use the metric system to identify alloy purity which is indicated by the number of the precious metals parts in thousands of the weight numbers of alloy.

That’s why choosing wedding rings, pay attention to the tags on them.

It is an omen of misfortune to use someone else’s wedding rings. An exception can be only the inheritance wedding rings from parents to their children.

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Summer Wedding Dress Accessories

summer wedding dressTake a cue from nature when you accessorize your summer wedding dress with simple jewelry – perfect for a sunset summer ceremony.

Wedding dresses display the purest, most natural colors of the earth – whites and creams. These colors ideally complement the sand and sea, as well as create an opportunity to view your accessories as an exhibit of art. So, when accessorizing your wedding dress, go with the earthy, natural flow of summer.

Before deciding on which accessory to wear with your wedding dress, there are some important factors to consider.

True Colors
The traditional choice of most brides is either pearl or diamond accessories (or imitation pearls and rhinestones, depending on your budget!). Both are natural beauties and classic chioces. But before deciding what accessories to wear, take into consideration the color of your dress.

A Girl’s Best Friend
If your wedding dress is pure white, diamonds are the perfect complement. Diamond jewelry (or costume rhinestone jewelry) can be found in both simple and more artistic forms. A neck adorned with a strand of diamonds is timeless beauty. A vining floral diamond cuff placed on the upper arm shows your style and originality.

Gift From The Sea
If you have chosen a cream dress, pearls or accessories with splashes of color in them look best. The sea itself designed the faultless accessory for showing off the colors of nature, the pearl. The pearl is a timeless declaration of grace, elegance and femininity. Pearls are a great item for “something old or borrowed”, and can often be handed down from a grandparent or other family member. In addition, pearls are cultivated in many different shapes, sizes, and colors.If you are generally conservative and traditional, a simple pearl necklace accents your ensemble.

On the other hand, if you want to make more of a statement, pearls and other jewelry can be found in a variety of larger, more dramatic pieces. For example, a large pearl set in the center of a gold rim with a double strand pearl necklace. Adding small splashes of color in your accessories can create an original look. A six-strand pearl bracelet that alternates cream pearl strands with green pearl strands is dramatic on the arm. An Indian designed gold and ruby necklace can represent your heritage and/or looks stunning as the only jewelry piece. If you choose to add splashes of color, keep in mind your bridesmaids’ gowns. They should be the same color, or in the same color family of the accessories you choose, so all the formal gowns complement each other.

The Design of Your Dress
Understand the design of the dress when choosing your jewelry. Any addition to a plain, straight dress should be considered an accessory. A full skirt, a puffed sleeve, a bow, or beading on the material – each add a fabric “accessory” to your dress.

Think of accessorizing as a point system not to exceed five. Start with a plain inexpensive looking dress and add one point for each accessory. If the dimensions of your dress take all the points, a simple pair of earrings is sufficient. On the other hand, if the dress is a straight satin sheathe, there is more room to play with jewelry. Simple and elegant is always best, but you can experiment with larger or more dramatic pieces, according to your personal style.

The Style and Cut
The next step is to visualize the style and cut of the dress. The best way to do this is to draw the outline of the dress on paper. This way, you can see where the “bare spots” appear between your body and the dress. Jewelry is most flatteringly displayed in these bare spots.

For a beach wedding during the sultry summer months, I recommend a simple, feminine dress in white or cream, complemented by pearls. Stick fresh flowers in your hair, or add a simple, airy veil. A four strand South Sea pearl necklace dripping with green and blue pearls would be stunning with a simple neckline. A multi-strand baby pearl cuff bracelet could stand alone with a sleeveless dress. A pair of pearl-drop earrings and a plain strand of pearls around the neck is easy elegance. Add a gold seashell to a row of pearls around the neck to enhance a beach theme.

Today, it is important for your wedding day jewelry to represent who you are. You may want to include accessories that represent your family from past generations, your culture, or your religious heritage. There is room for originality and creativity. In every decision made for your special day, you are sharing with friends and family part of who you are. So, too, your jewelry should represent part of what makes you unique.

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